Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Diversionary tactics in the culture wars

If I was Sayeeda Warsi, you're damn right I'd want a public debate on religion, a really feral and merciless one. Take a look across the pond and you'll see why. Every second that the suckers on both sides spend raging over piss-soaked crucifixes or the commandments in court is more time that they're not spending comparing the unemployment rate to the number of available jobs. 

Part of the Flying Rodent's too-good-not-too-share analysis of why some right-wingers are desperate to big up the phony 'war on religion' (along with other piffling side issues like allegedly lax immigration controls, the tiny subset of unemployed people who don't actually want a job, straight bananas from Brussels, underpants bombers, and any other bit of tabloid nonsense that might divert attention from the painfully obvious, massive, ongoing, humiliating, failure of their beloved deregulated, buccaneering. risk-taking, devil-take-the-hindmost, neoliberal economic model).