Monday, 6 February 2012


Listen up shoppers! TK Maxx always have some items on sale that cost "up to" 60% less than either the recommended retail price, or TK Maxx's non-sale price, or the price that their main competitors are charging, or whatever the hell other unspecified benchmark they're using. "Up to" being an unspecified percentage lower than, or equal to, 60%. Maybe 25%, maybe 5%, who knows? And they they throw in an extra letter "x" at no additional charge!

Is this what marketing people call a "price promise"?

It's a modern platitude that today's consumers are way more savvy and sophisticated than the poor benighted simpletons who used to buy stuff in the past. If so, why is so much marketing ostensibly aimed at adults calibrated to appeal to rather dim children?  Could it be that passive, needy and not very bright people are the ideal demographic?

Maybe that's the real point of all the apparently counterproductive educational reforms of the past generation or so - training up the next generation of consumers.