Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shameful, frankly

Ian Tomlinson's final hours on 1 April 2009 were spent in bewilderment. He didn't care about the G20 protests. He just wanted to get to his bed. 

But the 47-year-old never reached it after he collapsed following a strike and push from PC Simon Harwood. Three years on, a jury at Southwark Crown Court has concluded the officer's actions were not criminal and he has been found not guilty of manslaughter.

'I think that is shameful, frankly', said Home Secretary Theresa May. Of course, she wasn't upset about an unprovoked, unpunished assault leading to the death of an innocent bystander. She was just upset that members of her own department might embarrass her by exercising their right to take industrial action after a long-running dispute over job cuts, pay and privatisation.

Because withdrawing your labour and making a fool of your boss is far more evil than snuffing out a an innocent human life.