Monday, 9 July 2012

Mending the political system

After a weekend filled with distracting headlines about Murraymania and the big banks competing to see who can get the ethical bar lowest in the Libor Limbo competition, it's good to see that our Coalition government hasn't been diverted from its core mission of pulling together to mend the political system.

This week, Conservative backbenchers are preparing to rebel, on principle, to stop us being allowed to elect the people who scrutinise legislation in our, currently unelected, second chamber. If the Conservatives do this, outraged Lib Dems are threatening, on principle, to stop supporting Conservative attempts to gerrymander the electoral boundaries. Oh, and after frantic lobbying from bank chief executives, that George Osborne's off to Europe to make sure that nobody stops British banks continuing to incentivise their top people with those lovely fat bonuses that have done so much to embed efficiency, stability and rectitude into our financial system.

Where would we be if these paragons of principle hadn't decided to pull together and govern in the national interest?