Monday, 11 October 2010

Sick man of Europe?

Advocates of the "Anglo-Saxon" economic model (low taxes, little regulation, small government) argue that their favourite system produces greater overall prosperity. Those statist continentals may have better public services, but they pay for it by being inefficient and having higher unemployment. Never mind all that woolly social democratic waffle about fairness and equality - the Anglo-Saxon model is objectively performing better - or is it?

The UK has a total of 11.5% of households where no adults are working, compared to 10.5% in France, 9.2% in Germany and only 6% in the Netherlands, the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) study has shown. 

Via The Independent Getting people off benefits and into work is allegedly one of the Coalition's key goals. When the Conservative CPS has to admit that the Anglo-Saxon model can't compete with France, Germany and the Netherlands, I think it's time British politicians stopped endlessly lecturing the rest of Europe on the need to "modernise", reform and generally be more like us.

Big State 1, Big Society 0.