Monday, 4 October 2010

Quote of the day

We're clowns - take us seriously and have a laugh with us.

Said Fips the clown, an interviewee on tonight's PM programme on Radio 4.

Fips and his fellow slapstick professionals are apparently upset by the Halloween "Carnival of Screams" attraction at Alton Towers which features, among other Halloween ghouls, scary clowns lurking in the horror maze. The Register helpfully picks up the story and runs with it, with further Fips quotes:

It's very unfair to portray us as evil. I have always been a clown, I have grown up around clowns, my father and my grandfather were clowns and we are not evil... I think the attraction will make people view us in the wrong sort of light. It could even have a knock-on effect - once children have got it into their heads that clowns are evil and scary, it stays with them and it makes our job a lot, lot harder.

I don't know if clowns will frighten the punters at Alton Towers, but by God they frighten me!