Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The real Dunkirk spirit

The famous Carnival leads annually from January to March, the whole city in a real joy. A whirlwind of happiness, music, popular songs, of camaraderie and horseplay among the most unexpected guises. A gentle madness not to be missed! Good living, be home here! Enjoy regional dishes made with fish or fried mussels become an institution!

So says France-Voyage.com's breathless tourist guide to Dunkerque. The rather magnificent translation presumably owes quite a lot to Google Translate.

Guided tours: guides Dunkerque or at Malo-Les-Bains at sea are guided above all to greedy desire.
I've only just stumbled across this, so haven't checked out any other destinations but, with any luck, the lowdown on the rest of France is written in the same flamboyant style.