Thursday, 17 June 2010

From incitement to murder to silly swearing

Brief update. Once upon a time there was a Facebook group called Döda lars Vilks! (Kill Lars Vilks!), suggesting that the murder of the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks would be an appropriate response to a cartoon Vilks had drawn, depicting Muhammad in a less than flattering light.

I don't think murdering people you disagree with is an acceptable way to promote your views, so I reported the group to Facebook. I have no idea whether it was my complaint that did it, but I'm pleased to report that the obnoxious idiot responsible for this group has now amended the name of the group to "[expletive deleted] Lars Vilks damn hard ice [sic - this is Google Translate's attempt at the English version] on Facebook".

A small victory for sanity. If you don't like something you can complain, write to the papers, rant, swear, set up a Facebook Group, wave a placard, even - here's a radical idea - come up with a reasoned criticism of the thing you don't like and overcome that thing by the having a better argument. But trying to bully people into silence with threats of violence and even death is the contemptible act of a moral weakling who is losing the argument.


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