Friday, 16 March 2018

The clock is ticking

Interim leader Gerard Batten has warned UKIP is facing a financial shortfall that is threatening its future.

He has said that £100,000 is needed in the next few weeks to put UKIP, which has had three leadership contests in two years, on a "surer foundation".
From a BBC report dated 9 March 2018.

So how's the emergency cash transfusion going? A picture's worth a thousand words:

"£610 raised of £100,000 target by 23 supporters", according to the crowdfunding site (screenshot taken a few minutes ago, today, 16 March 2018).

If they can't do better than that, and quickly, the party's over.

When it ends, take just a few minutes to celebrate the good news that the gatecrashing vandals have finally left the building. Then hope that enough people will rally round to clear up the post-party mess they left for everybody else to sort out.


Update - just in case you didn't get the bad news, somebody's still trying to flog this dead horse.