Sunday, 4 February 2018

"Unfortunately I'm too much of a weed to punch a woman..."

"... that's why I have a little man to do it for me."
Yesterday evening that good friend of the violent and racist far-right, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, spoke at University of the West of England Law Society. During the meeting one of his supporters punched a woman in an unprovoked attack. A video clip that shows the Rees-Mogg supporter attacking a woman is here: Rees-Mogg supporter’s punch.
Jacob Rees-Mogg - what a gent.

A less impeccably well-mannered chap would probably have slipped the fellow a few guineas to horsewhip the impertinent harridan. There's breeding for you.

Update - we seem to have a possible ID on the gallant pugilist who took it upon himself to defend our weedy overlord from the monstrous regement of women. The assailant's photograph seems to resemble one Paul Townsley, "a martial arts instructor from the Bristol area who has shared his support for Rees-Mogg in a petition to have Rees-Mogg replace Theresa May as PM":
Interesting, if true. Whether or not the identification proves to be correct, I have no doubt the ever-chivalrous Mr Rees-Mogg will be swift to condemn the white-shirted ruffian who turned a peaceful, if boisterous, disagreement into a vulgar brawl by raising his hand to a lady in anger.


Update 2 - It seems that Rees-Mogg superfan Paul Townsley was the agent provocateur responsible for the scuffle. The only detail still unresolved is whether Townsley lashed out in a purely private capacity, or whether the Milksop for North East Somerset had engaged Mr Townsley's services as a bodyguard, in order to protect himself from being challenged by nasty women and other horrid proles who might make him blub. 

Come to think of it, there is another mystery here. Namely, why the Prime Minister is allowing herself to be pushed around by a self-declared weed like Rees-Mogg. Go on, Theresa, you could take him, easy. Here, I'll hold your coat. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!