Monday, 19 February 2018

Government of the think tanks, by the think tanks, for the think tanks

Now the government's own studies show that every version of Brexit will make the UK worse off than no Brexit, why is Brexit still a thing? Because Brexit is the unchangeable will of the people. Specifically, the unchageable will of the people in radical right-wing think tanks:
 A transatlantic network of conservative think tanks accidentally published its secret plans to influence US-UK trade negotiations, Unearthed can reveal.

Documents outline plans to form an “unprecedented” coalition of hard-Brexit and libertarian think tanks, which will call for Britain to ditch strict EU safety standards – including rules on food and pharmaceuticals – in order to secure a sweeping US-UK trade deal.

The group will hold “shadow trade talks” in Washington and London to “hash out an ‘ideal’ US-UK free trade agreement (FTA).” It hopes this will form the “blueprint” for the real negotiations between the British and US governments.
Lawrence Carter