Monday, 27 March 2017

I want to believe ...

... but, sadly, it'll take more than two "apparently credible" sightings (one of them more than thirty years old) to convince me that the marsupial tiger/wolf/whatever other placental equivalent you prefer, has indeed cheated extinction:
Scientists in northern Australia are preparing to hunt for the Tasmanian tiger following a series of “sightings” of the species, which was declared extinct after the last one died in a zoo in 1936.

As part of a search due to begin next month, scientists plan to set up more than 50 camera traps to try to spot a so-called tiger, or thylacine, in Cape York, a peninsula in the country’s north-east corner.

This follows two apparently credible sightings in the region, including one by Brian Hobbs, a former tourism operator who revealed earlier this month that he spotted a family of the animals in 1983 after they startled his German shepherd.