Friday, 24 March 2017

Five go mad in Romania

After reading this account of a ramble in the Romanian hills by a self-described spiritual adventurer, author, channel (?) and founder of something called "Soul Body Fusion®", I'm torn between a resolution never, ever to go on a New Age hiking trip and the urge to sign up immediately, just for the lolz:
I slept poorly, experiencing a dream vision that lasers from a massive American military vehicle were pointed at my head, causing pain and strange sensations that seemed to be scrambling my brain. In the dream I tried to hide behind boulders to stay away from the destructive laser beams. The feeling that I had been ‘messed with’ was with me for weeks. It seems that my concentration and memory were affected.

It was clear to me that the dream vision was about frequencies being beamed from a huge, rather sinister looking, red and white antennae [sic] that was positioned on a peak not far from our hut and the Romanian Sphinx. (This photo doesn’t indicate how massive the antennae is.)

Others in the group felt negative energies, that they also assumed was from the tower. A small group of us did what energy work we could to try to mute the harmful frequencies.

We meditated in the bunk room of the hut, high atop one of Romania’s sacred mountains, asking White Eagle what our spiritual tasks were for that day. Following his channeled guidance, we began with a meditation to bring the 12 Solar Discs of Illumination into this reality.
On a slightly more worrying note, this excursion is probably no madder than an average day of politics as usual in the Age of Trump (compare that sinister, mind-warping "antennae" with the magic microwave that's been spying on The Donald, according to Kellyanne Conway).