Sunday, 26 February 2017

Startling liberality ain't what it used to be

CHEAP BEER Mr. E. Garnett of No. 1, Stratford Road, Wolverton, having recently obtained a licence to sell beer of the premises, the Stratford town-crier paid Wolverton a visit on the morning of Saturday week, announcing that all persons who purchased ale from Mr. Garnett on that day, would receive a pint and a half as a pint, and those who ordered a quart would receive three pints, and so on in proportion. In consequence of this somewhat startling announcement a very great number of persons availed themselves of this very liberal offer.
Leighton Buzzard Observer, Tuesday 19th October 1869 (via the Wolverton Past blog).

Enticing offer seen on the chalk board outside the Dolphin pub, Newport Pagnell, some time last year. Nice try, but I didn't avail myself...