Sunday, 5 June 2016

Not the sharpest axe in the toolshed

Yonks ago, in a post titled "A brief history of eco-fascism", I touched on a weird bunch of mystical Fascist loons misunderstood and totally apolitical group of neo-pagans who go by the name of "Woden's Folk." I'd more or less forgotten about them until I happened on this extract from one of the group's old newsletters. If the British Comedy Awards had an "unintentional" category, we'd be looking at a winner here:
I have to report that Grimwulf is fine and getting better after cutting his finger badly when preparing the Sacred Fire with a new and very sharp axe. Thanks must go to Uhtred for taking him to the local A & E.
Terry Pratchett must be chortling in his grave.

"I still say you should do a risk assessment, Grimwulf. Somebody might get hurt..."
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