Thursday, 9 June 2016

Leave it to Beaver

"Britain torn between blatant racism or insidious racism" writes John Shafthauer at The Canary, proving the folks at the Daily Mash haven't completely monopolised the art of the pithy spoof headline.*

Good to see that reports of satire's death have been greatly exaggerated - at least it's a bit more to the point than spray painting a Vote Leave poster to read "Vote Beaver":

Mind you, it may not have been the most incisive satirical comment ever, but the priceless look on Angry Vote Leave Man's face does make the graffiti'd comment worthwhile. And I suppose even the beaver angle does have satirical possibilities:
Speaking on behalf of Vote Boris Leave, Boris Johnson has claimed that "If the people of Britain vote for Brexit, everyone will definitely get a free beaver." In reply, David Cameron mocked the Leave camp's failure to meet its own "no ifs, no buts" pledge to increase net beaver migration to more than the "tens of thousands."

The vote to decide the next leader of the Conservative Party whether the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, or remains a member, will be held on June the 23rd.

* Update - although I think the Mash might just have raised the bar with "Britons demand to live in medieval village surrounded by a wall." Maybe I'll leave that sort of thing to the professionals in future...