Thursday, 21 April 2016

Blame Widdecome

Because ... well, why wouldn't you ...  I'm posting a valedictory Victoria Wood vid, like every other right-thinking person on the Internet. I've not chosen this one because it's one of her best - far from it. She was much, much better with pieces that combined her flawless ear for language with that very specific brand of deadpan northern bathos that she could do like almost nobody else (except for Alan Bennett; both of them created wonderful worlds where people naturally spoke in phrases like "the penultimate macaroon" or "This was in the middle of a wedding, so she's spitting tuna vol-au-vents at me").

No, the main reason I plumped for this one is that you can't write a song with a chorus that starts "Ann Widdecome" without reminding people (at least ones like me) of the "Blame Canada" song from the old South Park movie - the bizarre mental pairing of these two completely different comedy worlds just me made me smile.