Sunday, 10 January 2016

Farewell, Toblerone

I don't usually get the January blues, but here's a melancholy sight:
Yes, the last of the giant Christmas Toblerone is almost gone. Even worse, if you pop into the local Co-Op, in search of another fix, you'll find they've already cleared the shelves of chocolatey prisms to make way for Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies.

When I were a lad, the Terry's Chocolate Orange was the special confectionery treat of the season and the Toblerone was just a another all-year-round chocolate bar. But at some point, while I wasn't paying attention, Toblerones disappeared from retailers' shelves, except during the run-up to Christmas, when they reappeared in super-sized form.

There's presumably some cunning marketing plan behind the limited availability. If so, it's working - I never used to be that fussed about Toblerones, but I've never craved a specific brand of chocolate bar quite as much as I do right now. And there was me, feeling all smug about not being just another brainwashed consumer.