Sunday, 17 January 2016

Country-style pork

The best-known response to the Schleswig-Holstein Question came from Lord Palmerston. The most creative response came from a bunch of Danish farmers and involved bacon, obviously:
The Husum Red Pied (German: Rotbuntes Husumer) is a rare breed of domestic pig with the nickname Danish Protest Pig (German: Husumer Protestschwein and Danish: Husum protestsvin or danske protestsvin). It originates in North Frisia in Southern Schleswig in the beginning of the 20th century, when Danes living in the area under Prussian rule were prohibited from raising the Danish flag and displayed the Protest Pig instead. Due to its red color, its broad white vertical belt and a trace of a white horizontal belt resembling the colors of the Flag of Denmark, it was made a symbol of their cultural identity.
On the whole, a relatively benign form of porcine direct action when compared with, say, Reconquista-era Spain's introduction of jamon as both national delicacy and food-based medium for oppressing Muslims and Jews. Relatively benign, that is, unless you were a pig, in which case the outcome of the Schleswig-Holstein Question boiled down to the fairly academic consideration of whether you ended up being served as dinner in Germany or Denmark.

First spotted in The Dabbler.