Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It's hard to be loved by idiots

Religion has always made an important contribution to public life, and continues to do so. Religious convictions can and should be brought into public debate and decision-making in a democracy. Few religious people in the UK want to impose their truth on others; most are happy to abide by the democratic process. The state and religious communities should work in partnership – to do so makes both more responsible.
From the blurb to the "Westminster Faith Debates", an epic talkathon featuring Tony Blair debating with former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, chaired by Charles Moore.

So how has bringing religion into public debate been working out around the world lately? Well, in Indiana they've now come up with a cunning plan to promote 'a message of inclusion' by passing a law allowing businesses to discriminate against gay people.

Trinity College Dublin, meanwhile, is upholding a proud tradition of freedom of expression and open debate by robustly supporting the right of an Islamist cleric to speak freely and justify killing people who choose to leave the Muslim faith, whilst censoring a speaker who wanted to express the shockingly controversial and offensive view that people who decide that they no longer believe should be able to renounce their religion without being killed.

And back home, the hilariously-named "Islamic Human Rights Commission" has demonstrated the dignity, wisdom and compassion that religious conviction can bring to public debate by thoughtfully awarding those staff who survived the Charlie Hebdo massacre their coveted “Islamophobe of the Year” award for 2015. Because religious people must always have the moral authority to lecture even bereaved and grieving victims of murderous attacks on their duty to be more "responsible" in order to avoid causing further religious butthurt.

If he existed, I'd feel sorry for God (and for Mohamed and Jesus, if they were still with us and hanging out with Mr Deity). As per Charlie Hebdo, it must be hard to be loved by idiots...

 Double facepalm - because sometimes a regular one just isn't enough to describe how stupid this shit is.