Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Annus mirabilis

It seems a bit late for a 2014 retrospective but, on the other hand, last year was packed with so many dramatic events that it's never too late to look back and be amazed. For example, you must remember these stories:
  • The original 1969 USA moon landing site was be reported as damaged or vandalised by another country that landed on the moon.
  • Programmers discovered a simple computer code or app that would end almost all future on line computer viruses.
  • We discovered that diseases can be transmitted or transferred by pure thought from one location to another.
  • Russia, China, and the USA collaborated on an asteroid shield/tracking program due to a the potential hazard posed by an object that nearly hit Earth.
  • Scientist discovered and proved that we live in an identical twin universe that is the mirror opposite of our ours.*
  • And, sadly, who can forget the horrific civil war which broke out in Sudan in early 2014, or the US military being drawn into the bloody conflict?
Although I didn't notice these any of these interesting events in the media myself, I know these things must have happened, because they were all predicted to happen in 2014 by leading psychic, LaMont “Monte” Hamilton (who, as an ordained minister, a Reiki Master healing practitioner, a registered hypnotherapist, 'holding multiple degrees in business, psychology, and education, who has worked in the paranormal field full time for over 25 years', is clearly far too well qualified to have been mistaken).

From '2014 failed and forgotten psychic predictions' on relatively interesting dot com. Honourable mention also goes to the wonderfully-named teacher, astrologer and writer, Judy Hevenly, who confidently predicted that 2014 would be last year of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, as well as the year when Pope Francis would appoint the first woman cardinal to the Vatican.

*Warning - trying to parse this sentence may make your head explode but, as far as I know, that's what the guy actually said. Don't shoot the messenger...