Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sounds a bit like "terrify"

Your word of the day is "Toryfy." Not "Torify", which is  a thing for privacy-conscious geeks, but a new coinage for on-trend political anoraks. First spotted (at least by me) in The Staggers, it describes the way that Ukip looks less like a real political party, and more like a home for disaffected Tories, every time another ex-Conservative MP defects to them. As in 'the defections are Toryfying the Ukip brand.'

This should terrify the Tories, as every ex-Con who joins Ukip will make the Kippers seem more welcoming and less threatening to disgruntled Conservative voters. It should scare Ukip, too, if they value their carefully-managed image as the anti-politics party from beyond the Westminster bubble.

A split in the right-wing vote like this should equal happy days for the opposition. But then again, Labour should also be able to convince voters that they could at least run a whelk stall, unlike George Osborne, who couldn't even serve a up portion of whelks without spilling the lot.


Update - don't just take lefty bloggers' word that the Kippers and Tories are all members of the same big, dysfunctional family. Here's Boris Johnson's latest plea for unity on the right - 'It is only if the great conservative family unites and we stop Ed Miliband seizing back control of this country that we will be able to deliver the referendum that this country wants and deserves.' 

Further update - another Conservative Party donor has gone over to Ukip and says he'll bung Farage a £100,000 cheque. If any more good news about the breakup of the conservative family catches my eye, I'll park it in the updates to this post for the moment and maybe write something more considered if I feel the urge.

And more ... There seems to be some dispute over how much cash the Go Skippy guy gave the Tories before he switched horses. But there's no disputing that he's part of the 'Conservative family' - nobody but a real insider would lose a moment's sleep over being snubbed by William Hague,* of all people.

According to the Express, Skippy Guy's response to Hague not knowing who he was, was 'They called me a nobody now they know who I am', which is the kind of statement you get from an obsessive stalker who's just shot the rock star he once idolised.

A spurned William Hague groupie, splashing an extra £900,000 Ukip's way out of sheer pique? And members of the Conservative family call Ed Miliband weird?

*Yeah, that William Hague:
Now, when he was a teenager he didn't only address the Tory Party conference, he read Hansard in bed and he had a record collection that apparently consisted of one album by Dire Straits and dozens of speeches by Winston Churchill. His dad said: 'He was just a normal happy boy.'
from David Cameron's "tribute" at the Conservative Party Conference (keeping the oiks in their place with condescending put-downs dressed up as hearty banter is one of the esential life skills they teach you at Hogwarts Academy for potato-faced sociopaths).

Mad as a sack of badgers, the lot of 'em.