Wednesday, 24 September 2014

If you can't fix the economy you can't fund a war

David Cameron has admitted forgetting to mention the deficit in a keynote announcement intended to pave the way for an an open-ended, multi-billion pound United Kingdom military commitment to the latest instalment of the Middle East's generations-long orgy of war, violence and revenge.

A year after losing a vote to involve the UK in the conflict (on the other side), the gaffe-prone Prime Minister was mocked by chancellor George Osborne for forgetting that the Conservatives' troubled deficit reduction plan was central to the party's economic credibility. 'David Cameron didn't mention the deficit once. Extraordinary. If you can't fix the economy you can't fund a war', tweeted Osborne.

Cameron said it was 'one of the perils' of talking for more than five minutes without having thought about costings, an exit strategy, or the wisdom of becoming entangled in a convoluted, intractable conflict which he'd confidently announced could be fixed by bombing the other side only last year.

Critics, who consider that the threat to UK security from Islamic State has been wildly exaggerated , have questioned why the cash-strapped UK administration is so anxious to get involved in a war three thousand miles away, when its oil-rich "allies" in the region still have shed-loads of the weapons that we sold them and could better afford to fly a short distance in order to test the proposition that dropping a few extra bombs might help the situation in some unspecified way.

The Conservative leader dismissed critics who claim that he lacks credibility, saying 'Look at the pictures of Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich! LOL!'