Sunday, 7 September 2014

As Sir Walter Raleigh said of Elizabeth I...

I see that the spoof Jacob Rees-Mogg Twitter account, previously closed down due to 'threat of legal action' has reappeared, complete with a profile pic straight out of Monty Python's "Upper-Class Twit of the Year" sketch. Link here (for now, at least - don't be too surprised to find this link broken if the latest iteration gets taken down). Bonus blog link here.
I am told @DouglasCarswell 's alma mater is the "UEA" not the "UAE". I have never been to either; the one being too flat, the other too hot.

[on Alex Salmond] One is unlikely to trust a man to lead his country when he has failed to notice a lectern less than a foot from his elbow. 

Utterly appalled by EU ban on high powered carpet cleaners. Mrs Trower has been batting my rugs for years at no risk to herself or others

Meanwhile, the bona fide Rees-Mogg has been expaining to Sunday Stürmer readers that "we" 'must give Clegg's job to Nigel Farage ... and get in bed with Ukip.'* in an article almost as funny  as the spoof version:
Perhaps as a sign of good faith even the Minister for Europe could be a Ukip MP ... If the Prime Minister were to do this, no longer could his critics say – as Sir Walter Raleigh said of Elizabeth I – that he ‘did it all by halves’.
Sadly, the real Rees-Mogg's mots fail the <140 characters test, although he does get bonus points for unintended irony by actually being Jacob Rees-Mogg and being able to write, presumably with a straight face, that '[Farage] appeals to not only traditional Conservative members but also to those who have felt disenfranchised, people who feel that politicians are part of a too-cosy establishment while Ukip is shaking it up.'

*No link provided, as I'm sure you're smart enough to find the article if you're that interested. I leave it up you to decide whether clicking Mail articles is more likely to give aid and comfort to the enemy, or to crash and burn their business model.