Monday, 14 October 2013

A ghastly sight

Some notes on the interior decor of Dubai's (in)famous Burj al-Arab monster hotel, according to the blurb that came with a 3-D card model of the world's fourth tallest hotel.

Looks like they got Sam Wollaston to proofread their translation:
The Burj al-Arab is extraordinary, with its exterior steel skeleton and its helipad like a waterlily in the sky. Inside it's all gold leaf, crimson velvet, mosaics, marble, crystal chandeliers and giant fish tanks. A suite costs up to £14,500 a night.

It's fabulous, hideous, and the very pinnacle of tackiness - like Vegas after a serious, no-expense-spared, sheik-over.

Update 'world's tallest hotel' corrected to 'world's fourth tallest hotel.' It still seems to hold the record for the world's tackiest hotel, though.