Thursday, 9 May 2013

Quotable things from the blogroll

Three random quotes that caught my eye when skimming through my blogroll. First, Reginald D Hunter (via Naked Capitalism):
A class system is what you use to discriminate against people who look like you.
For all your other discrimination needs, just use the new, improved Lynton Crosby/UKIP Axis - it's like gaffer tape for bigots.

Next up, Alex Harrowell paraphrases Cartier-Bresson (I've not yet tracked down the original quote):
Henri Cartier-Bresson said the best camera is the one you’ve got with you. 
Which kind of sums up my current relationship with my mobile phone camera. When the first mobes with cameras came out, I just thought it was a daft gimmick, a solution without a problem. I didn't realise, until it happened, that having a mobe cam puts you in a place that was once the almost exclusive territory of professional photographers. Having a phone camera doesn't make you good photographer and, if your mobile camera is as scratched and low-res as mine, it doesn't mean you're packing a piece of high-quality kit, but it does mean that you've always got a camera with you.

Not so long ago, most folk only used cameras to record days out, family n' friends' celebrations and holidays. Carrying a camera as a matter of course was for pro photographers and photojournalists. These days, I find that most of the quirky, odd, interesting, unexpected snaps I take are taken with the mobe - because it's the camera I've got with me. They're pretty terrible quality, but even if this late-adopter's next mobe is a budget model, like the last, the next camera will almost certainly be better.

The trad family album, dominated by holidays and birthdays, is already starting to look as dated as those Victorian family groups all dressed up in their Sunday best, trying to remain statue-still for the duration of the exposure. Which is, on the whole, A Good Thing - however much you've enjoyed your birthday / holiday / anniversary / whatever scheduled event, it's probably not as interesting to everybody else as the thing that grabbed your attention in the street and made you think 'Wow! Look at that!.'

My mobe cam has become my best camera, the one I have with me when there's something interesting to see and share. And so it's likely to stay, until the coming of the nerdvana/cyber-dystopia where everybody's lifelogging 24/7 via the Google Glass/Borg-style sensory prostheses permanently attached to their heads.

And finally, The Null Device, not quoting anybody else, but being highly quotable in a far-ranging post which manages to stitch together Niall Ferguson's insane gibberings, the Cleveland kidnap case and the far right's all-consuming obsession with trying to combat the untermenschen's procreative powers:
I wonder in how many suburban culs-de-sac in BNP heartland, aspiring Josef Fritzls are now drawing up plans for soundproofing their basements and making notes on the movements and likely racial purity of fit-looking local shopgirls.