Friday, 10 May 2013

A big boy made me do it and ran away

Allegedly, 'Downing Street figures' have been telling Sun journalists that David Cameron is ready to join his party's back bench Eurosceptics and vote for the rebel amendment criticising his own government's Queen's Speech for failing to include any mention of an EU referendum bill.

Extraordinary. Just let that sink in for a moment. Either:
  1.  It's true and the government has descended into farcical panic. The incessant repetition of the mantra about clearing up the mess left by the last government was getting boring, but that was just normal politics - all political parties try to pin the blame on the other lot. But when you start telling your own party (via semi-house-trained hacks) that you're clearing up the mess of your own legislative programme - the one that you announced a only couple of days ago - you've clearly lost both control and the plot.
  2. It's not true and Mudoch wants to get rid of Cameron, by suggesting that his government has descended into farcical panic, presumably in the hope of triggering a putsch from the UKIP-friendly right of the party.
Interesting times. I'd rather pick up dog excrement with my bare hands than link to The Scum, but here's a screenshot to prove that I didn't just dream this whole thing up: