Friday, 3 May 2013

Perv Sans Frontières

Another day, another TV personality from my childhood exposed as a creepy groper, would-be rapist and kiddie fiddler. I've no particular fond nostalgia about Stuart Hall, although I may possibly have enjoyed It's A Knock Out when I was too young to know better (my son's currently quite fond of Total Wipeout, the less successful Richard Hammond-hosted modern equivalent, in which a series of contestants try not to fall or get knocked off things in a giant, usually water-filled, soft play area with *hilarious* results, although I'm sure he'll grow out of it).

It's just the fact that Hall and Savile were inescapable parts of TV in the '70s, the wallpaper to our lives. It's a tad unsettling to learn that something like the wallpaper, which you hardly notice from one week to the next, is seriously dodgy. I can't help thinking of the TV pervs of the '70's as a sub-lethal version of Napoleon's wallpaper, lurking, unremarked on the fringes of your living room, being stealthily unwholesome and noxious.

Although millions of people were indirectly exposed to Start Hall, exposure is now only thought to have been harmful in cases of direct contact.