Sunday, 25 March 2012

You'll be well pleased

Things will open up for you, but you need to go in with a bit of [moves fist and elbow vigorously] you know. It's no good scratching around and it's ten grand now and five grand... Minimum hundred grand. Minimum. Minimum. But the nearer you can get to two hundred grand and hold back for the event... It'll be awesome for your business. You'll be well pleased because you'll get ... you'll get photographed with David Cameron.

(now ex-) Conservative Party co-treasurer Peter Cruddas

It may be sheer coincidence that this embarrassing sting was set up shortly after senior politicians decided to bite the hand that used to feed them oysters and champagne. But we can always hope that the end of the love-in between the political establishment and the Murdoch Press is leading to a bit less journalistic restraint, when it comes to NI journalists investigating dodgy deals in high places.