Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Crazy cat lady is running the Home Office

I used to think that Theresa May wasn't too bad (for a Conservative cabinet minister). I suspect that the pressure of being Home Secretary would cause the soundest mind to crack, so I'm not entirely surprised to see her losing her grip on reality (rather like almost every other holder of this impossible job in recent history).

In her case, the insanity seems to have caused her to morph into the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, talking gibberish and throwing made-up stories about cats at passers by. As always, your best coverage of the story is in The Daily Mash:

Theresa May has demanded the Home Office be free to do its vital work unhindered by reality

Speaking from inside her claw-resistant spittle chamber, May insisted it was unrealistic that she should be able to talk about things and know what she was talking about at the same time.

May said: "On any given day I might want to say that the previous government housed immigrants in a network of underground bunkers filled with champagne and chimps serving crack cocaine from bongs in the shape of Russell Grant. I don't have time to check whether any of that actually happened".
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