Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Finland woefully unprepared to conquer Europe

With the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 looming, I predict that the Finns will soon be kicking themselves. The official Finnish entry seems to be something disappointingly safe called Da Da Dam, by some bloke called Paradise Oskar (not, I suspect, his real name). Lordi, he isn't. 95% pf people who listen to Da Da Dam will have forgotten it before Graham Norton and his pan-European colleagues have wrapped up this year's show.

As any fule with an Internet connection kno, the Finns should have entered Munamies. They are, after all, a nation with proud tradition of being completely mental to uphold. Munamies' song, Pomppufiilis, has been all over t'internet like a rash recently and, once seen, is impossible to forget (at least without an intensive course of electroconvulsive therapy). Click here if you've not already experienced the bouncing, squeaky-voiced mini-moomintroll who could so easily have conquered Europe, had more far-sighted counsels prevailed.

Via The Daily What, Miss Cellania and others to numerous to mention.