Wednesday, 12 May 2010

There were three of us in this marriage

Trevor Kavanagh recently driveled in "The Scum":

The Lib Dems are little better than a gaggle of political tarts wandering Westminster in search of a John.

How very unlike the home life of our own dear Chairman Murdoch, who'd never think of cuddling up promiscuously first with the Conservatives, then New Labour, then scurrying back to the Conservatives with his knickers still round his knees, or sucking up to China's murderous totalitarian autocrats, all in the loveless pursuit of cold, hard cash. News International would never behave like an trashy, undignified, unprincipled great tart. Really.

When it comes to deals being stitched up behind closed doors, remember, there are probably three parties in this coalition all horse-trading for favours - Conservatives, Lib Dems and News International.

Looking on the bright side, although we're likely to see some bloody silly education policies from the new government, at least we now have a department for education that's actually called "the Department for Education", rather "the Department for Children, Schools and Families" as it got rebranded by some tin-eared PowerPoint-toting managerialist idiot in the last government. And ID cards are (probably) dead - hooray!


Meridian said...

Or Department of Curtains and Soft Furnishings as I gather its own staff called it.