Sunday, 16 May 2010

Class ridden lefties in the Daily Mail

Iain Dale's sick:

I'm just sick to the back teeth of the cant and hypocrisy of Guardian hacks slagging the new Cabinet on the grounds that its members went to public school or Oxbridge.

Slagging it off like this, for example:

So, if you ever doubted that you get what you pay for, take a look at the footage of David Cameron and Nick Clegg during their Downing Street rose garden love-in.

Two slim, handsome, affable and articulate men in their mid-40s, quick on their feet and comfortable in the spotlight: has there ever been a better advert for a public-school education?

Indeed, watching our new Prime Minister and his Deputy chuckling in the sunshine on Wednesday, it was easy to see them in terms of public-school stereotypes.On the right, Mr Cameron, the Old Etonian: dapper, upright, his iron ambition concealed by velvet manners. And on the left, Mr Clegg, the Westminster boy: relaxed, good-humoured, the very picture of effortless superiority.

But look again at the footage of our new masters in the rose garden and you will see not just the virtues of two first-class schools, but a damning indictment of the collapse of opportunity in modern Britain.

For as our new Government gets down to business, there is an inevitable contrast between the new Cabinet's rhetoric - austerity and hard work, pain and sacrifice - and their own life stories.

Hang on, that wasn't an angsty whine from some Guardianista hypocrite. It was Dominic Sandbrook writing for that radical house journal of die-hard socialist class warriors, the "Daily Mail".

When even the "Daily Mail" thinks the cabinet's elitist and lacking in diversity, I'd say we probably do have a problem. If mentioning the problem makes Iain Dale feel unwell, I'm afraid that's just something he'll have to deal with.