Monday, 10 May 2010

Ransom demand

My favourite comment so far on the European market-defying rescue plan:

Hello, Dr. Evil here.Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. In a few hours, I will destroy the Greek economy. Unless, that is, you give me the sum trillion dollars!

Even if it works millions, the BBC warns:

The fundamental problem for Europe is a lack of growth, inflexible labour markets and expensive public sectors. The challenge for politicians will be explaining that the old social model can no longer be sustained. Benefits will have to be frozen. Entitlements withdrawn.

As usual, then, the price of keeping a tiny minority of parasitic* blackmailers, spivs and gamblers happy will probably be another round of trashing the public services and benefits that make life tolerable for ordinary people across Europe.

*at least that's what I think - maybe the "creative destruction" of helping people's economies to crash and burn by betting against currencies to fail is a really useful service and very good for everybody in the long run, but that sounds like self-serving bullshit to me.