Thursday, 21 December 2017

Won't somebody think of the Solstice(s)?

We're so used to people complaining about the commercialisation of Christmas that we're in danger of forgetting the colonisation of this solstice (and the other one) by Mammon. At this special time of year, remember that a solstice is about more than:
"affordable dental and vision plans for individuals and families" (Solstice Benefits Dental Vision and Life Insurance Plan)

"help[ing] Fortune 500 companies seize new opportunities through groundbreaking digital solutions" (Solstice innovation and emerging technology consultants)

"24 HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE" (shouty Solstice Sunglasses)

"one of our more decorated ships at sea. From world-class staterooms to specialty restaurants" (the cruise ship Celebrity Solstice)

"cannabis growers in Seattle, Washington, for medical marijuana patients and legal recreational marijuana users" (Solstice Medical Marijuana)

"artisan-inspired cuisine in an elegant and relaxed setting" (Solstice Restaurant, Vermont - dress code smart casual, dining style casual elegant, it says here)

"Health Care is Broken - We Have the Solution" (the never knowingly under-hyped Solstice Health Weight-Loss Program)

"a core-based, all levels, family-friendly yoga, barre, and pilates studio with babysitting on-site" (another thing called Solstice)
Let us take a moment to amid all this busyness and commercial hurly-burly to reflect on the true meaning of solstice.

Axial tilt- it really is the reason for the season.

Just thank Jólner that there's no solstital equivalent of the "War on Christmas" - yet. Although in a world where the US Environmental Protection Agency is banned from using phrases like "evidence-based" and the Gove-leaning parts of UK have allegedly "had enough of experts", it might only be a matter of time before we have to give equal time to axial tilt deniers, claiming that the seasonal darkness is God's punishment for humans abandoning family values and no longer being horrible to gays and that the light only returns because people make amends to the deity by sending their kids to crib services.

My solstice wish is that that this new dark age turns out to be as much of an unreal fear as the "War on Christmas" is, so we can all can enjoy a cool Yule this solstice and for many solstices to come.