Friday, 20 November 2015

Britain's most successful failure

Since first becoming chancellor in 2010, George Osborne has made it clear that his one, overriding priority in government was to reduce the deficit. Last month "British public finances recorded the worst deficit for any October since 2009." According to most pundits, it's the opposition, rather than George Osborne, which lacks economic credibility.

No, me neither.


Lucy Bostick said...

Hi Andrew. I can't see a means of contacting you so I'm posting here. I'd like to ask you to remove or edit an old post in which you have included me. Please could you contact me so I can send you full details of my request? Many thanks

Andrew King said...

HI Lucy,

You asked for a means of contacting me. I find that the comments section of a blog is the best place to raise any bog-related issues, so please feel free to elaborate on your comment/request here.

Best regards


Andrew King said...

...that should, of course, read blog-related issues (my fat finger syndrome)

Anonymous said...

Hi again Lucy

Re. "I can't see a means of contacting you so I'm posting here." I have seen your message, so you have already contacted me. I have responded, so you know that you have contacted me. You have asked me to make changes to my blog, but have not specified what I need to change, or why. If you have a request, please let me know exactly what you are objecting to and why, so I can consider your request.

Thank you


Andrew King said...

Hi Lucy,

As you have so far failed to send me full details of your request, as I have requested, I have looked again at my post to try to work out what you are getting at. I have concluded that you have no reason, or right, to demand that I retract anything I have written about you (my sole reference to you is the comment "Ukip's Lucy Bostick says 'decimating the City' like it was a bad thing").

The only possible objection I can see is to my illustrating my point with images from the unsolicited elctioneering material Ukip had delivered to me. To esure that there is now absolutely nothing that any reasonable person could possibly object to in my post, I have removed these images and replaced the images with descriptions.

Here is the URL of my amended post: