Sunday, 13 September 2015

Come where the booze is cheaper

What's going on at the Co-Op? Not at their bank - I've already given up on that particular lost cause. But what's happening at their local convenience stores? Specifically, why the seemingly-random outbreaks of cheap booze?

I'm not talking about your ordinary scheduled special offers or multi-buys - those I understand. What I don't get is the huge number of perfectly good bottles of wine that end up with 'reduced' stickers slapped on them, like day-old prawn sandwiches with massive mark downs so they can be shifted before they're unfit for human consumption. I'm no wine buff, but I do know that most wines can be stored for ages without any problem and are supposed, proverbially, to get better with age. So why the fire sale?

Maybe it's some kind of stock control thing that I don't know about because I've never worked in retail, although I haven't noticed other grocery chains being similarly keen to sell off their old wine stock at such knock-down prices. Not that I'm complaining - just puzzled. But in an increasingly relaxed, mellow sort of way. Cheers!