Saturday, 18 July 2015

Who ya gonna call?

Following the release of shocking footage of children being groomed and radicalised by home-grown extremists, Something Must Be Done.

But by whom? Who knew that British Values were under threat, but said nothing for so many years?  Maybe we should call the de-radicalisation police. But clearly some insufficiently-vigilant individual in a local authority, or NHS trust, or school, or one of the other newly-appointed auxiliary arms of the intelligence services has already been responsible for failing to alert the authorities about this migrant family's insufficient enthusiasm for British Values and their attempts to spread a poisonous, radical ideology which had taken hold in their country of origin. Do we need to get the troubled families programme on the case? 

The Prime Minister has reacted quickly, warning of the threat posed by members of the royal community who had been "Quietly Condoning" the Nazi state.
David Cameron has told the Royal Family to "play its part" in helping tackle "one of the biggest threats our world has faced".

In language described by Palace officials as "unhelpful", the Prime Minister suggested that some royals have been "quietly condoning" anti-democratic ideology.

Mr Cameron said there has been "finger-pointing" at the security services – while it is families of fascist recruits and their communities who need to be more proactive in combating the extremist narrative.

"I am clear that one of the reasons is that there are people who hold some of these views who don't go as far as advocating violence, but do buy into some of these prejudices giving the extreme Nazi narrative weight and telling fellow royals 'you are part of this'".

The former Prince of Wales / King / Duke of Windsor was unavailable for comment.
Or is it just that the Sun has a Godwin meter which goes up to eleven?