Sunday, 5 July 2015

I, for one, welcome our incredibly boring new overlords

 The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women  to be uninterested, according to Corey Doctorow:.
The reason TTIP and TPP are steamrolling on is that, like all the most dangerous evils in the world, they are profoundly boring. It is virtually impossible to get anyone out there interested in them, and so there's virtually no discussion of them, even though they will affect every bit of your life and your kids' lives, in ways large and small, ranging from whether the water in your tap comes out literally on fire to whether you're entitled to compensation when your employer's negligence maims you for life.

Dullness is a huge fitness factor for bad stuff.
Regardless of how accurate or otherwise all those stories of people lighting their water taps post-fracking are, I reckon the guy has a point about the stealth attributes of evil in a grey business suit.

Speaking of dullness, the short range forecast round these parts is for light to non-existent blogging due to other stuff I need to be getting on with, but it also feels like time for a natural break - time to stick my head outside the filter bubble for a while and maybe come back later with something a bit different.