Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sign of the times

Here's a handy content guide, recently spotted on the back cover of an actual book for grown-ups. Published by Harper Collins. Author's name redacted out of pity.

I wouldn't recommend this guide as a helpful aid to choosing your general reading matter, although some of the party election leaflets starting to come through the nation's letterboxes might benefit from a few clarifying icons. I can certainly think of a few past party election leaflets which would have been improved by a bit more content information:
  • Policy description for illustration purposes only. Actual policies may vary.
  • Warning: Choking hazard
  • May contain nuts.
Party names redacted out of pity.

Update - it did belatedly occur to me that there was a slight problem with my plan, namely the lack of widely-recognised icons for the sort of content I had in mind. But it's probably not insurmountable - after all, somebody's already come up with a neat little graphic for "Policy description for illustration purposes only. Actual policies may vary."
© Nick Clegg.
And those with nut allergies should recognise this one and be warned: