Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Jeux avec frontières

Some 18-year-old technology students at a Kent school have created a free Android game called UKIK:
UKIK has you playing as Nicholas Fromage as he kicks stereotypes of immigrants off the white cliffs of Dover and into the sea.

You tap the screen to power up your kick, and tap again in order to release, then watch as the immigrant you kicked sails through the air.

There are three measurements for your kick in the game. Distance and Score are obvious ones, while the third is "UK Economy Down," which is measured in a rising percentage.

More telling of the game's political slant is what the Score measurement was before an update saw it changed - it measured Racism.
Pocket Gamer

The real Monsieur Fromage, who was quick to remind everybody that he is 'well known for having a sense of humour', warned that the game crossed the line between harmless everyday banter about 'poofters', 'Chinky birds' and hunting peasants and causing real offence to members of Britain's oppressed Ukip-voting minority.

If only we could return those innocent, wholesomely funny, Ukip-friendly days the 1970's when avuncular TV presenters like Stuart Hall (currently residing at Her Majesty's pleasure in Wymott prison, Lancashire) had us all in stitches, at least when he wasn't too busy copping a feel off some dolly bird who was, frankly, asking for it.