Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Y 2.0

My only hope for the future is that somebody has come up with, or will come up with, a closure for trunk-style underpants as elegant and efficient as the Y-front closure. I've never previously spent much time thinking about the design of underpants, but next time I go shopping for some, I'll be on the look out to see whether anybody has efficiently closed this gap in the market and produced a male undergarment fit for the 21st Century. 
Me, February 2010

The dark night of moderately inconvenient button-closure trunks is over.* Behold the keyhole fly:
Modelled by some bloke from whichever modelling agency M and S are using, because you really wouldn't thank me for a selfie.

*It probably has been for some time but, as I don't buy new underwear that often, it's new to me.