Sunday, 12 January 2014


Ukippers, Migration Watch, the mainstream media and mainstream politicians all agree that Something Must Be Done about immigration. Not because it is a big issue ('The beneficial effect in the UK was small but measurable') but because people believe it's a big issue and it would be rude and unfeeling to question people's deeply-held beliefs due to some trivial detail like a lack of evidence.

Now that the hegemony of the reality-based community is finally starting to crumble I, for one, welcome our new touchy-feely overlords. But let us not, in our joy at the ascendancy of enlightened respect for all beliefs, forget those less fortunate people around the world whose strongly-held beliefs are still not being respected. According to a recent poll, 36% of Americans believe in UFOs (with 35% disbelieving and 29% sitting on the fence). Unbelievably, the Obama administration has taken no action whatsoever to recognise and reflect public concerns about the Serious Issue of alien visitation.

I urge you all to remember that the majority of American citizens who give a damn about the issue, sincerely believe that The Truth Is Out There and to demand that their evidence-free beliefs should be allowed to inform the national conversation and to drive the administration's future policy decisions. At the very least, Fox News should launch an in-depth investigation into the way the liberal media has ignored the issue. Perhaps they could borrow one of our leading public service broadcasters to look into the shocking conspiracy of silence.