Thursday, 28 November 2013

Meanwhile, in other news...

... California's Chihuahua bubble looks set to burst:
Abandoned chihuahuas are apparently a problem in California, the land of second-guessing dog owners. So many people abandon Chihuahuas that California shelters are shipping the small, emotionally manipulative dogs to New York, claiming that Chihuahuas are an in-demand breed in New York because prospective pet owners are jammed into tiny apartments and don't have the space for a quadruped companion any bigger than a coffee mug. Unfortunately, New Yorkers may be just as fed up with Chihuahuas as their West Coast counterparts.
Back here in Airstrip One, Ingsoc and the ubiquitous telescreen have finally arrived, 29 years later than predicted:
David Cameron might be rather surprised to hear that he's heading a socialist administration, though. Personally, I'm delighted to hear that Samsung is apparently an arm of the British state, as I was under the distinct impression that the nation had long since sold off everything of value, then bought a load of useless overpriced tat, (like the Royal Bank of Scotland), as if Britain was some sort of spectacularly hopeless eBay trader. Finding out that we actually own something valuable should be a tonic for the nation...

Teasing aside, I'm assuming that 'England' translates as 'Britain' and 'socialist' means something untranslatable to Americans, so I'm filing this one under "divided by a common language."