Thursday, 10 May 2012

Who says hairdressers aren't tough?

 We had to take a hill. How do we take a hill which is full of Egyptian infantry, backed by artillery? 04.30 one morning, a surprise attack. We were half way up the hill before they knew what was coming and we took it. I think it was a bloody miracle. We took it.

The next day they sent up four guys with two Besas, they were the big machine guns with bullets this big, you know, that could pierce armour. And the Besas got to work on the road and stopped the tanks and stopped the armour from coming through. They were just stuck there.

And, of course, they sent up troops every day and they dive bombed us with Spitfires, which I got crazed about. Spitfires were defending us in London.

That feeling of a homeland at last, where nobody could kick you out! It was yours! And it was a marvellous feeling.

Vidal Sassoon, anti-fascist, freedom fighter and king of the sharp, low-maintenance bob cut (17 January 1928 – 9 May 2012)