Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back in church...

... to hear the banns being read read for the second time. I can't give you a another precis of the rev's sermon for today's because my attention wandered a bit (I think it was some sort of a meditation on God's mysterious habit of sending us 'curveballs', although I'm pretty sure that she actually called them 'curved balls', suggesting a less than complete familiarity with the game of baseball). So, instead of an in-depth critique of her sporting analogy, here's a video. I think I've already posted a link to Alan Bennett's classic 'Take A Pew' sketch on this blog, so this time, here beginneth The Reverend Rowan Atkinson's lesson on 'Amazing Jesus':

To be fair, things did liven up a bit towards the end of the service when the Sunday school kids came to up to the front to share what they'd leaned. Apparently the Sunday school teacher had been teaching them about the various bits of paraphernalia to be found in church (the communion chalice, the font the thurible and so on), so the rev. asked a little girl what the font was for. 'It's for in case you feel sick', piped up a confident little voice. Excellent.