Friday, 15 July 2011

Strawberry or vanilla?

Just a picture of some seaside cottages in St Mawes, Cornwall. A bit chocolate boxy, but I thought the picture sort of captured the spirit of the place.

I originally posted this on Panoramio - I don't put much up there, but it's mildly gratifying to get your pictures on Google Earth. For some reason, this pic wasn't accepted for Google Earth, so I took it down again. I've not had many photos rejected, but I'm a bit baffled by the few that have been, as they don't seem to be inaccurately tagged, or to come under Paoramio's/Google Earth's list of "unsuitable subjects".

It's all the more surprising, as the most viewed photo that's I've ever had accepted for Google Earth via Panoramio is of a helicopter, which might reasonably be considered unsuitable, as pictures of any 'car, plane or any machine' are deemed unsuitable unless 'the object is an unavoidable part of a place'. I've also got a picture of a cruise ship onto Google Earth (see above) and the interior of a building, which is also supposed to be a no-no (excepting 'wide perspectives inside churches, mosques, train stations, and so on').

Compared to these, the photos that have been rejected (the one above, along with pictures of Heidelberg Castle and a Buddha statue in Sri Lanka) seem much more suitable  I resubmitted a couple of the rejected snaps a while back, but they weren't accepted on the second try, so I gave up. No biggie, but I'd be mildly interested to know what was unsuitable about the pictures which weren't accepted for Google Earth.