Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Multistable perceptual illusion of the day

If you're the kind of person who goes in for tattoos of logos,* the striking snake head image that adorns the front of the Dodge Viper sports car might look like a cool piece of body art. Personally I'd advise against it. Not because tattoos are painful (although I believe they are). Not because I happen to think tattoos look a bit rubbish (I've never seen a person who looked better with a tat than without one, but it's your body, not mine, so what you do to it as a consenting adult is none of my business). Not because tattoos are a bugger to have removed if you have second thoughts (although they surely are). Not because the Dodge Viper is a terrible car (I'm not enough of a petrolhead to have any opinion about the Dodge Viper versus any other car in its class, so if you want to pick a fight over that issue, do it with somebody who watches Top Gear). Not even because you are a human being and reducing yourself to an advert for a brand is, in my opinion, self-debasement of the highest order.

It's just that if you turn the Dodge Viper snake head upside down, you get ... Daffy Duck.

That's all folks!

*that's logos as in commercial emblems - tattoos representing the philosophical / theological concept of λόγος are, I imagine, available only in a very niche subset of tattoo parlours