Saturday, 18 September 2010

Smallpox Is Good For You

"Spiked" e-zine gets some far better ridicule than my own poor attempt. Here are some spot-on parodies, imagining what "Spiked" headlines would have sounded like in the 18th century:

Against the tyranny of "healthy-eating": three cheers for Marie Antoinette and the peasants' right to eat cake

A flaming disgrace! Parliament's ban on witch-burning reflects a suspicion of anyone who holds strong beliefs

Shrill critics of the South Sea Company are simply hostile to wealth creation

Hands off the slave trade! Wilberforce’s moral posturing reveals a deep-seated loathing of the working class

Smallpox Is Good For You: Mr. Richard NORTH exposes the lies of the vaccinators

The Enlightenment - a fashionable middle-class fad that masks a deep anti-freedom agenda

George III is perfectly sane - it's society that has gone mad

From Our Kingdom, Via:

Talking of batty headlines here are some (real) 21st century ones from "Notes on the Culture Wars", a raving ultra-right-wing Catholic site that the Fifth Columnist links to:

Now It's 6 Muslims Arrested: Papal Assassination Attempt

Live Science: Vampire Novels Change Teen Brains

Sodomites Committing HIV Suicide in Droves

St. John Chrysostom Argues With Obama

FLASHBACK: Catholic Bishop Fires Catholic Prof For Offending Secularists

And, coming full circle, a headline in "Notes on the Culture Wars" reveals that they love Berndan O'Neill in "Spiked":

Leftist Atheist Defends Catholic Priests

Nutters of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your marbles!