Thursday, 6 April 2017

Turn on, tune out, drop in

New blogging resolution. It's time to stop mocking disingenuous politicians for merely saying something that's obviously unhinged (e.g. Theresa May's factually-challenged Easter egg rant or Michael Howard's recent burble about how we could totally beat Spain in a war). While it's fun to take the piss, it's also a distraction from what the buggers are actually doing.

I've come to the conclusion that these people are deliberately saying mad things in order to stop other people talking about what's really going on. It's like Trump's 3am tweets. I used to believe that these were only incoherent brain farts. These days, I think that they work on two levels. On the simplest level they're still just meaningless nonsense, but tactically, they're also ways to hog the news agenda and squeeze out any reality-based discusssion of what's happening.

While you're busy telling everybody how stupid the president is for wasting his time on some celebrity Twitter-feud, you're also not thinking about the more important fact that he's actually knocking down Dodd-Frank, that big, beautiful wall protecting America and the world from another multi-trillion dollar financial meltdown, an issue that should have been top of the news agenda from the moment he even hinted that he was thinking of doing anything so insanely reckless.

To understand what these people are really doing, it helps to tune out from what they're saying.